Morawaka Tea Garden Lodge – Morawaka

The Morawaka Tea Garden Lodge overlooks the entire Morawaka Tea Estate and Morawaka Valley and is with its beautiful surroundings a place to enjoy the peace and quiet of the authentic Sri Lankan rural life.


The Morawaka Tea Garden Lodge is well facilitated to meet all your possible wishes, we can make the impossible possible and the unthinkable come true, but most of all we want to do everything possible to make you experience that utter welcoming feeling for which Sri Lanka is world famous. Therefore we aim at providing you a luxuary stay and a hospitable service at our splendid guesthouse. All we desire is to make your dream vacation come true!

The Morawaka Tea Garden Lodge Team will make every possible effort to assure you a pleasant stay at our Guest house. We provide spacious single rooms, double rooms and family rooms. All fitted with fans and hot water in the bathrooms. All linen is provided with laundry facilities. The Lodge team guarantees that you will have a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

We proudly present the following article about Sri Lanka and our wonderful Morawaka Tea Garden Lodge that appeared in 'The Vancouver Sun'. 

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